A New Standard For Your Life

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your commitment to health – for yourself and for those you care about – extend to studying all product labels to identify those containing synthetic ingredients?
  • Will you refuse to overpay and waste your money on synthetic vitamins that you know your body cannot readily absorb them?
  • Are you prepared to seek naturally occurring sources for the nutrients you know your body needs for immunity and good health?
  • Do you feel willing to tell others that we need to defend our right to choose non-synthetic nutrients and food products?

If your answer to any of these questions was in the affirmative, you are probably a good candidate for spreading the word about the importance of establishing a naturally occurring standard for vitamins, minerals, and foods in general. This standard will be a concise and clear beacon for those who want to make a statement on behalf of their own health and the public health.

We need naturally occurring vitamin supplements to be more widely accepted and available in the marketplace. But until the public can clearly distinguish between natural and synthetic, our choices and our health will be at the mercy of those economic institutions that profit from sowing confusion.

NOS will be a label affixed to nutritional supplements and whole botanical products that come directly from the plants of nature and contain no synthetic ingredients of any kind. If you do not see the NOS designation on a product label, you will be able to assume that it contains synthetic chemicals. The NOS will also provide a way to certify the potencies of natural ingredients placed in vitamins and fortified foods.

A nonprofit organization has been formed, the Naturally Occurring Standards Group (NOSG), to promote the NOS label and guidelines for foods, vitamins, and medicines. This group will develop protocols and applications for NOS certification of products and will issue an NOS certification sticker for manufacturers that meets rigorous NOS criteria.

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