Are some vegetables healthier raw, but others healthier when cooked?

Cooking affects the fibers within your veggies, and while these fibers are often better for your body when raw, certain veggies’ nutrients are actually enhanced when cooked (particularly steamed). Kale fibers, for example, bind with bile acids in the gut to increase excretion of these acids, which in turn has a cholesterol-lowering effect. Both raw and cooked kale do this, but the binding is more powerful with steamed kale. Broccoli, conversely, is better for you raw or lightly steamed for two to three minutes due to the glucosinolates it contains. A coveted class fo compounds, glucosinolates help protect your stomach against bacteria, but a significant amount leaches out of broccoli very easily when cooked. Since most people prefer their veggies cooked, however, experts recommend steaming – it preserves more nutrients than other cooking methods while delivering a satisfying, crispy bite.

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