1. What kinds of raw veggies do you eat? Also, what do you do for protein?
    Also, shouldn’t you eat right after the gym?

  2. I agree and they think a magic pill can help them. Once I’ve accepted that
    physical improvement doesn’t happen overnight, I was good. We didn’t get
    fat overnight, so it only makes sense that some work is gonna be needed for

  3. Thanks, Its funny because people see that i have lost weight and they ask
    all of these questions because they want to do the same but when i tell
    them the changes i have made they start looking at me crazy like they cant
    even imagine making real changes to they way that they live. Its sad that
    people are willing to stay stuck in their ways even though they know its
    bad for them in the long run.

  4. I have been talking to people who want to lose weight and most people tune
    me out once they realize they have to make real changes lol It takes a
    while for really get into the proper mind set.

  5. Dont just take my word (even though it works for me lol) Look it up for
    yourself. Everyone is different and things dont happen over night but you
    can usually see small positive results in a week or two.and that will give
    you the motivation to keep it going.

  6. I use a lot of veggies and fruit,Lots of green stuff. check out my vid on
    the nutribullet for more info. For protein i use whey protein powder as
    well as creatine before and after workouts.Also, chicken breast, eggs and
    peanut butter.Whole grain past and baked sweet potato for carbs. I keep it
    simple. After workouts i try to eat an least an hour after. Eating a hour
    or two creates an after burn affect where your body is recovering from the
    workout and burning more fat.

  7. Great video Bro. People are quick to ask about my ‘diet’ but don’t have a
    clue about changes in my life

  8. Agree. I have a friend that is always on some sort of weight-loss pill and
    she always loses like 10lb and regains them not long after. Another person
    I know goes all the time to the gym but her eating habits are horrible and
    she NEVER loses a pound! She always works out harder but no result. There
    is no shortcut in anything in life, be it fitness, a career or a
    relationship. If you don’t put in 100% it’s not gonna work. If you’re not
    willing to change your lifestyle you don’t want it bad enough.

  9. I’m on a similar path as you. Very similar. My max weight was 246, im at
    215 trying to get to 200. Bread is my weakness tho. Im gonna take your
    advice on that. lol

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