“Living Naturally” – Healthy Skin Through Better Nutrition

What you eat truly does influence the wellness of your skin. Learn the science behind it, and what you can do to promote healthful skin from this discussion by Phoebe Yin, ND, a faculty practitioner…
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5 thoughts on ““Living Naturally” – Healthy Skin Through Better Nutrition

  1. NICE video with GREAT information! So glad she mentions
    WorldsHealthiestFoods …another awesome one is Dr. Michael Greger’s
    Nutrition Facts–he has peer reviews and meta-analysis. Thanks for this

  2. Is this what it is like to attend a course at Bastyr University because I
    can’t wait to attend.

  3. exercise & more vegetables. so simple and so easy, yet no one gives a shit
    about this information because they all busy eating Micky D’s and Pizza Hut
    with 20 oz coke

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