Healthy Food Prank

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24 thoughts on “Healthy Food Prank

  1. Dammn best reaction ever i felt bad 1:48 I wish i can buy her an ice cream

  2. I would have taken that broccoli real quick. that’s my food right there.

  3. ice cream is gross. I really don’t get the obsession over that.

  4. Why’s every comment section gotta turn into a damn country or race war??
    What the fuck is wrong with you people who always have to bash people that
    aren’t like you??? You guys need to learn to love the differences in people
    instead of hating them!! Can you imagine how boring it would be to live in
    a world where there was only 4 types of people? That shit would get so old,
    that’s my main reason why I’m glad everyone is unique!! I just wish most of
    you people will think the same. Maybe when you folks get a significant
    other you’ll realize that everybody is unique, yet we’re all human.

  5. 1:15 Only a black man’s response to seeing a stick of brocolli – “Is that
    for free?” – We can learn a lot from black folks.

  6. Do people really get this mad in america if they’re offered fruits or
    veggies? hahahhaa

  7. Am I the only one here who would’ve just taken the fruit without

  8. Lol, all these people saying “wow, they won’t eat veggies. Americans are
    fat”. Im sure they actually eat veggies. If you were in that situation you
    would’ve said no. I eat veggies but I prefer an ice cream over broccoli on
    a hot summer day. So shut up. 

  9. I actually prefer apples to ice cream xD I’m weird when it comes to food; I
    don’t like chocolate or cake, but I LOVE fruit :P

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