Give the dog a bone pill!

SOME DOGS will eat anything and everything, including their medications. However, most dogs are reluctant patients. The ASPCA ( offers some good tips and directions about humane pilling techniques.

Try these tricks first

  • When available, request chewable medications. They’re flavored and taste just like treats.
  • Mix the dog’s medication into a meal; it may go unnoticed. If you feed the dog kibble, add a small amount of canned food or a soft treat, such as a cube of cheese or hot-dog chunk with the pill pushed inside. Wrapping the pill inside a slice of cheese or meat might also be a successful disguise.
  • If your dog tends to chew treats rather than swallow them whole, make them small. Give him a few unloaded treats first, followed by one with the pill inside and a final unloaded treat.
  • Dogs who enjoy catching treats

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