Expansions Healthy Living With Janet – Buckwheat Biscuits

http://expansions.com Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow helps make a healthful, gluten-free of charge nation preferred, buckwheat biscuits.
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Chef AJ brings in Dr.Esselstyn Jr. and can make some sweet potato chili, beat soup, and banana soft serve!

3 thoughts on “Expansions Healthy Living With Janet – Buckwheat Biscuits

  1. Great show. Thanks! I’m just getting started on the PLANT PERFECT, not
    Plant Strong diet to reverse and unblock an artery on the right side of my
    heart. Dr Esselstyn is such a great guy, he called me after sending an
    email from his website. As busy as he is he reached out to offer me
    encouragement and I live in AZ. I look forward to more of your recipes!

  2. Looks like the Instant Pot may be the “Smart Cooker” I’ve been looking
    for:. Large Capacity, Stainless Steel lining that won’t leach chip or flake
    junk into the food, programmable AND pressure cooking. It would take an
    hour to cook this dish in the stainless steel rice cooker I’m using, with
    smaller capacity. BTW. I’ve been 30 years vegetarian, 20+ years vegan,
    whole-food plant-based since Esselstyn published his book in 2007. My total
    cholesterol is 84 mg/dl. 60 this year, I weigh 10 pounds under my (quite
    fit) high-school wrestling weight and can work all day in the garden, run &
    play ball with teenagers. Follow Esselstyn, John McDougall, Michael Gregor,
    Neal Barnard. What they tell you is TRUE. Plant based does great things for
    your health, for the planet and for the animals

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