5 Healthy and Affordable Lunch Ideas for School!

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48 thoughts on “5 Healthy and Affordable Lunch Ideas for School!

  1. This is a great video, I’m definitely going to add this to my list “Best
    Weight Loss Tips”.

  2. This video would be 10 min shorter if you didn’t talk so slowly.
    Nonetheless, thanks for the video!

  3. Just a suggestion: Maybe tap into the “cleanse/detox” realm. You probably
    do in your other vides but I just saw this video for the first time. I did
    a 3 day ‘cleanse/detox” through SuperGreenBee and then I started your 10
    easy ways to lose weight. Thanks for the motivation…. I always say, it’s
    not what you eat but what’s eating you…

  4. I been trying to dink more water but I can not drink plane water, it’s
    gross and tastes like motel and blood. So I drink metro mint water, which
    looks okay. It says it purified water and mint essence. Is metro mint water
    really okay? What other flavored waters are okay? And I have tried adding
    things to water and it’s still gross. What water brands are okay in the
    flavored waters?

  5. *’* Too many people confine their exercise to *-* jumping to conclusions
    *,* running up bills *,* stretching the truth *,* bending over backwards *,*
    lying down on the job *,* sidestepping responsibility and pushing their
    luck *.*

  6. Dear PsycheTruth, lus I don’t want to be a guinea pig for these 200x
    sweeter than sugar chemicals

  7. I’ve got a question what if your eating 1400 Cals but every 3 hours with
    healthy foods is it still bad to calorie count, will your body still think
    it’s starving if I’m eating regular 

  8. You are so great and your way in giving good information is so
    truthy…keep it up you are the best

  9. Step 1, tell us what to eat
    Step 2, show us how this worked for you
    Don’t waste our time with your questions

    You now know the skills to make a video and keep an audience 

  10. 10 Practical and Realistic Tips to Losing weight and Keeping it off through
    Diet Modifications.

    Let us know if this was valuable to you!

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  11. Love love this! Thank you so much for these tips! It made me go make a
    juice with my nutribullet! Thank you Corrina-you look fab by the way:)

  12. Thank u Corina. Really helped a lot. U did not talk much about working out
    ??? would all that work out fine without exercising ?

  13. Can I just point something else you can do? To make sugary drinks, but not
    make it added sugar, go to the store and buy FROZEN lemons, they’re better
    than the ones that are processed. Make lemonade, and then along with buying
    lemons, buy berries, add the berries to the lemonade, and you have sugar
    drinks, that are healthy.

    Am I right? XD

  14. I’ll try to apply this 10 easy ways to lose weight. Actually i’m reading
    the new Ricky Dawson’s free report “The 7 Golden Tips”. It also contains a
    lot of valuable information on how to drop pounds easily and fast. Thank
    you for inspiring me!

  15. why do women make themselves look like this…. white skin tan body. girls
    can’t be natural anymore sad yo smh ugly 

  16. It’s not diet/healthy food yes, but its better than usual fatty foods. It’s
    actually pretty healthy comparing to the lunches I eat. You can take the
    healthy bases of these foods and substitute them like a fat free cream
    cheese or wheat bread. Take the basic recipes and change them up a bit. No
    need to hate. xx

  17. anyone else see that weird thing behind the “food:banana” title at 5:35 lol

  18. I love Mustard!!!! I detest Ketchup though. Sorry if you like Ketchup! ( :

  19. Ketchup is my life ahaha i eat it with almost everything , my fav
    combination is ketchup on…cheese. Don’t judge me , it’s delicious x)

  20. We should do this +Madison Griffin +Natijah Phillips instead of eating
    that nasty school food. :p

  21. Why is it that every time I try to find healthy options for school lunch
    the girl in the video wastes two minutes of my time posing before actually
    teaching what to eat?!

  22. This is not healthy. Cream cheese? Bagels? White bread? Processed lunch
    meat? What? Oh, and microwaved clam chowder!!!??? Run like hell people

  23. Today i show you whats in my lunch box for the days of the week! Kindddd of
    like an ootd but with food….
    and food is better than clothes sooo >>>>
    comment below what your favorite snack is so i can try it! xoxo

  24. Ya my face looks like a ghost because i tried out some new foundation that
    was horrible but i couldnt fix it because i had school right after and i
    wanted to post this video for you 😀 just ignore it haha!

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